Innovative learning journeys between East and West.

Innovative Learning Journeys between East and West.

3e is an implementation partner in China for leading universities, business schools and multinational companies. 



Discover Business AND Management IN CHINA

Get first-hand insight into global trends from an Asian perspective. Programs focus on current aspects of business innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, digital technologies, and branding in China. 

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Offer Tailor-Made
Study Modules to participants

Academic seminars, company visits, cultural immersion and social activities. Organized in partnership with renowned faculty and a leading university or business school on site.

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Executive Education

Deliver Exec-Ed Programs abroad

Professional implementation of Executive Education programs in China. Referral of relevant speakers through our networks to business leaders, academic lecturers and industry experts. 


Events & Logistics

Professional Support

3e provide partial support to institutions who deliver programs on their own. Our team supports agendas, events, speakers, venues, program branding and logistical arrangements on the spot.



Participant's Perspective


"I have learned an incredible variety of information about China and its culture in a way that made me curious for more and brought up completely new viewpoins. I understand a lot more about China and the way it works; socially, economically and especially regarding the industry I work in. And I am excited to find out more."